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Village of the Branch Fees Current as of July 14, 2015

Building Department:

Building & Zoning Residential

Item Fee
New Construction $.85 sq/ft min $300.00
Additions & Alteration $.85 sq/ft min $400.00
Plumbing & Heating $350.00
Fire & Storm Damage $350.00 + .85 sq/ft
Swimming Pools $350.00
Electrical  $250.00
Gas L/P or Natural $350.00
C/O or C/C $150.00
 Solar  $350.00
Permit Renewal   100% annually

Building & Zoning Commercial

Item Fee
Construction & Additions  $1.00sq/ft min $1,000.00
Interior Alterations $.85sq/ft min $600.00
Plumbing & Heating $60.00 per fixture
Fire & Storm Damage $1.00sq/ft min $600.00
Demolition $.30sq/ft min $1,000.00
Electrical $300.00
Gas $400.00
C/O or C/C $200.00
Permit Renewal  100% annually


Item Fee
Wall- Canopy-Free standing  $3.00 per sq/ft
Renewal rate annually  $3.00 per sq/ft
Sign Permit After the fact 3x amount
Special Exception signs, Business District application fee  $200

Planning Board:

Item Fee
Subdivision Review $250.00 per lot
  T&A acct of $5,000.00 for 

Engineering expenses with replenishment $2,500

Site Plan Review  $750.00 per review