Letter From Mayor Regarding Recent Break Ins

We are unfortunately aware of some recent thefts taking place in the village and surrounding areas. Most of the thefts have been from vehicles left unlocked overnight but some have been more brazen. Suffolk County PD is aware of the thefts and is actively working the cases. A few reminders / best practices:

1) Do not leave vehicles unlocked overnight – unfortunately it’s just too much of a temptation for someone looking for trouble

2) Do not leave “attractive” items in plain view even when locked – things such as iPads, high end sunglasses or obviously wallets, purses or cash

3) If you have cameras such as the Ring systems the 4th Precinct has no access to those unless you reach out to them and provide the footage to them. Apparently, some of their marketing materials leads one to believe otherwise.

4) Even if the incident seems minor, file a police report. I know already that a number of incidents have not been reported as our tally of thefts does not match the SCPD’s – they can’t help us if they don’t know what’s going on. The county did have a malware incident but that is largely behind them now and does not prevent anyone from filing a report so please do so if you have experienced any issues – however minor

5) Please keep us in the loop also by simply reporting anything unusual to Village Hall via the Clerk’s email. We have a 4th Precinct liaison that we work with regularly and they can help us monitor any issues

I am also directly in touch with the SCPD, and they are keeping me in the loop as to what they’re seeing. Rest assured that these seem to be isolated incidents and not some sort of pattern but unfortunately in these challenging times we need to simply monitor our surroundings and report anything that seems out of place.

Mark Delaney