Suffolk County PD 4th Precinct Recap from BOT Meeting

We had the pleasure of Police Officer Susan Laveglia – Community Liaison Officer come and present to the Board what it is her unit does for the Village of The Branch as well as SCPD 4th Precinct.  Below are some of the take away  from the meeting:

The Community Liaison Officers help and protect the Community and address quality of life situations.

Always call 911 for Emergency situations

For Non Emergency situations , please call, 631-852-COPS(2677); initially you will get an automated reply to ask what your area is and then you will connected to correct dispatch and speak to a live operator through a designated line. You still get the same level of service as if you called 911 directly.

If you need Police Presence (ie: speeding, illegal dumping, roll thru stop signs, possible drug use) call 631-854-8478, leave a message and someone will call you back.

Areas we discussed were:

Speeding on Dogwood Drive and Mt. Pleasant Road

Woodhollow/ Route 111 traffic issues including blowing off stop signs, dangerous turning situations, and pedestrian safety.

Landscapers starting equipment too early

Rental homes

Outdoor dining issues with Garden Grill