9-11 Tree Dedication Ceremony

On July 7th 2016 the Village of The Branch had the prestigious honor of receiving one of 422 saplings from the original “survivor tree ” that managed to withstand the horrific events of that tragic day in American History. This tree stands for resiliency, hope, comfort, and most of all understanding.

Like its 421 brothers and sisters, this tree was born from tragedy and has set the standards high for perseverance. It is our hope that the people of Smithtown can learn from this tree  and move forward as a community united.

For many this tree will be a reminder of that horrific Tuesday morning 15 years ago, but hopefully this tree will be a bridge to bring the diverse community of Smithtown together so we can all better understand each other no matter our differences.

Let this tree, in this month, in this year remind us all, it is never too late to learn or to heal or to comfort or to better get along with each other!!!


Aponte Donnely 1ceremony 2IMG_1761