Attention Residents


Unfortunately, in addition to the happiness and joy found this time of year it also finds scam artists and thieves looking to take advantage of folks. Please use caution especially as it relates to the following areas:

– Do not open the door to anyone you do not know – no legitimate delivery person or salesperson will ever try to go past your steps or porch

– Try to ensure packages left outside are brought in as quickly as possible. If traveling and expecting packages, consider asking a neighbor to retrieve them for you

– Report any suspicious behavior, vehicles or situations that you observe. The police can’t be our eyes and ears at all times – as the saying goes if you see something better to say something

– Do not leaves keys and/or valuables in your car – certainly not in plain sight – the temptation is just too great for some

Please enjoy the holiday season and ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe.

The Board of Trustees – Village of The Branch