Village Update

The Village received a “formal notice of intent” letter on or about May 19th from Citizens Options Unlimited Inc. stating their intent to establish and operate a community “Individualized Residential Alternative”(IRA) home at 2 Oaktree Drive to house 6 developmentally disabled individuals. The Board of Trustees consulted with the Village Attorney and responded to their letter shortly thereafter citing areas of Village code that would apply to them. We also advised them that we intend to have a public hearing on the matter and requested that a representative from Citizens Options Unlimited Inc. be present to address residents concerns. That meeting is scheduled for September 12th 2017.

The contact name, number and address that we have been provided for Citizens Options Unlimited Inc. is as follows:

Nicole Kern

189 Wheatly Road

Brookville, NY 11545

516-293-1111 ext. 5614